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The World's Leading Laptop Repair Course Since 2003

After hundreds of updates and over 6000 graduates, the newest edition of the Laptop Repair Course is the best training option for people who want to learn to fix any laptop and earn a great income doing it.

Get Financial Freedom

The Laptop Repair Course is the only training program which gives you the knowledge to complete any repair and also teaches you how to earn a great income from your new skill.

Over 60% of our graduates go on to start laptop repair businesses, with many earning over six figures (USD) every year.

No Experience Needed

After working with so many students over the years, we’ve created a course which suits all levels of experience.

Whether you are someone who only uses a laptop to browse the web, or maybe your are a desktop PC technician – anyone can use our course to become an expert in laptop repair.


Dealing with laptop hardware is surprisingly complicated compared to PC repair.

Our course breaks this area down into easy to understand modules, allowing you to deal with any hardware problem you encounter.


A vast amount of laptop errors and problems are caused by the unique software requirements associated with laptops.

The Laptop Repair Course deals with these at length, showing you how to quickly rectify them and prevent them.



Despite the fact that laptops have now overtaken desktops, laptop repair remains a rare skill, thus you can expect to earn at least $150 per repair.

This training course teaches you how to turn laptop repair into a successful business, dealing with both repair and refurbishment, as well as how to successfully market and develop a lucrative new business in this field.

What Will You Learn?

  • Familiarizing yourself with the anatomy of a laptop and the various types

  • Identifying if you have a software or hardware problem.

  • Dealing with viruses and spyware.

  • Memory section: Replacing, identifying etc. etc.

  • Keyboard section: Removing, cleaning keyboards etc.

  • Screen section: Replacing screens, inverters, backlights etc.

  • Hard drive section: Replacing, formatting, recovery etc.

  • Launching your business.

  • Promoting your business.

  • How to source laptops at 20% of market value

  • Refurbishing laptops for large profits

  • Sourcing parts for the lowest cost possible

  • Marketing your repair business

  • Prices you can expect to charge for repairs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Prior to starting this course, I wasn’t the.most technically skilled.

Sure, I could use laptops for work but I had no idea of how to fix one if things went wrong.

Well, since finishing the course in 2013, I’ve done a complete 180 and now I’m now able to fix most of the computer problems for my  family’s business. A huge saving on hiring technicians.

Sara Hayes

Pittsburgh, USA

I completed the course back in 2011, and the difference it’s made to me has been huge.

I never expected that repairing laptops would become such an strong source of income for me.

Julian Andersson

Gothenburg, Sweden

It’s been 4 years since I finished the course, but I must say I’ve had great results from it.

I was able to quit my  job as IT lackey for a call centre firm, and start my own business. The earnings and independence I’ve gained are beyond what I ever anticipated.

A very grateful student!

Matthew Ling

London, UK

Earnings Potential

  • Based on the surveys we’ve performed on our previous graduates, the average repair job is worth $150 dollars to them, and takes 1-2 hours total.
  • Assuming you perform 2-3 repair jobs per day, working a 5 day week, the earnings potential starts at around $100,000 per year. Some of our students have expanded their repair businesses, taken on employees, and service contracts (we explain how to get these in the course) and are now making 5x this amount annually, after only a few years.
  • This doesn’t even cover the aspect of making money from refurbishment. We outline how you can pick up high-end, expensive laptops which are broken/damaged, fix them quickly and sell them on at a much higher price.
  • On a MacBook or Ultrabook, it’s easy to take a $3-500 profit on each one – the trick is where to find them and how to sell them on at peak price, The Laptop Repair Course shows you how.

Why is our training so popular?


There are other training courses for Laptop Repair out there, some ranging from $10 – $5000 in price, but the reality is; they just don’t have the same level of content as our course.

Our old logo from back in 2003!

(Our retro logo from back in 2003!)

We’ve been developing this training course for over 12 years, and added 1000s of updates over that time.

We’ve listened advice from our 6000 graduated students and improved and added to the content that’s on offer.

All in, The Laptop Repair Course is the strongest and easiest way to train yourself to repair all laptops successfully and earn a great income doing it.

  • Step-by Step Instruction 100%
  • Detailed Videos of Repairs 100%
  • How to Source Parts & Laptops 100%
  • How to Identify Hardware or Software Errors 100%
  • Mastering the essentials (for beginners) 100%
  • How to Make Money Refurbishing Laptops 100%
  • Developing a successful Laptop Repair Business 100%


# Memory section: Replacing, identifying etc. etc.

# Keyboard section: Removing, cleaning keyboards etc.

# Screen section: Replacing screens, inverters, backlights etc.

# Hard drive section: Replacing, formatting, recovery etc.

# Battery Section: How to fix, replace and manage the often-tricky subject of laptop batteries.

# Disassembly: Video sections on how to strip-down a laptop step by step.

# Getting the basics: An introduction to Laptop Repair.

# Sourcing: Where to order parts for 1/3 of regular price.


# Troubleshooting: Identifying if you have a software or hardware problem.

# Malware: Dealing with viruses and spyware.

# OS: Handling OS/non-booting problems.

#Performance: Performing Utility checks to maximize the computer’s performance.

#Networking: Ensuring maximum compatibility between the laptop and various networks


# Launching: Starting your business.

# Promotion: How to market your business and turn it into a$100k+ per-year goldmine.

# Deal-making: How to get lucrative service-contracts with large companies.

# Sourcing: Finding ultra-cheap laptops for practice.

# Refurbishing: How to make 75% profit by refurbishing laptops.

Bonus Features

# Access to vital service and diagnostic software.

# Video section: Video tutorials to show you how to carry out all manner of laptop repairs and maintenance, step-by-step.

# Service manuals on hundreds of laptops you will most likely use to practice on, giving detailed instruction on stripping down specific laptops.

# Where to find service manuals from the major manufacturers.

# Using the internet as one of your most vital tools.

# Access to the latest Boot CD (an essential tool for recovering lost files, repairing a broken OS etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have PC repair experience to take the course?

This is a course which is aimed at both people with no experience as well as others who have. You are taken step by step through the course so that you will be able to carry out repairs very quickly, allowing you to earn while you learn.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is taken in your own time, if you are hungry to start earning and getting your new business up and running quickly, you can. On the other hand, if you wish to take it at a more leisurely pace, you can work it that way, it is up to you.

What is the Business side of the course mentioned in the course description?

This course is not just about teaching you to repair laptops, it also shows you how to create a business in both laptop repair and refurbishment. This can be as lucrative as you are prepared to take it.
I have been in this business for nearly 20 years, anything I don’t know about this business I don’t need to know. I give you my expertise as part of the course, follow how I have created a successful business and copy it.

Can I add anything else to the course such as PC, Phone repair etc?

Yes, as well as the laptop course, we have also created other courses such as The PC Repair Course, iPhone Repair Course, Networking Course and more.
When you feel ready to add more, you can at any time at our main web site.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered online, as soon as you make your purchase it is available for download. If you wish to have it on CD we can also offer that option for a small charge.

Do you offer support?

The course is an easy to follow step by step structure which will teach you to get started very quickly. However, if you need support we offer various options on this.

Do you deliver to Canada?

The course is instantly downloadable as soon as you complete your transaction.

I have no experience of repairing any kind of PC let alone laptops, would I benefit from the course?

Definitely! The course takes you step by step through repairing laptops, which are really PCs which are put together differently to make them more compact. We also do a very good PC Repair Course which is also available on our main web site.


Instead of the regular $249.95 that our first few thousand students paid for this training–you can begin learning instantly with the Complete “Laptop Repair Course” for just $199.95!

There’s no doubt you’re going to spend way more than $199.95 this year in your business anyway, whatever your current field of work. It might be for a new copier, ad campaign, mailing or even a new computer. But learning how to profit from the repair and refurbishment of laptops gives you a lifetime of freedom and a ready-way to create cash.


If you look at it another way, your total tuition for the instant access version comes down to just $0.27 per day over the year.
That’s less than it costs for a cup of coffee. Do you really think there is a better skill you can invest a measly 27 cents a day into that can reward you so richly? I seriously doubt it.

Why Should You Start Now?

  • Laptops have overtaken desktops, but few people know how to fix them. This means it is a very profitable business.
  • Our course teaches you how to become a laptop repair expert and turn it into a career.
  • We have 12 years experience, and over 6000 students. This has led to thousands of updates and  improvements to aid your learning experience.
  • Thousands of our students have went on to start successful businesses and earn over $100,000 annually, you can follow in their footsteps.
  • If you want to add to a vital technical skills or you want to start up in business with very little outlay and the minimum of fuss, this course is essential for you.